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Yes, thanks Gutenberg ! – Tutorial. This website offers you, in the form of a tutorial for young people and teachers, pages with interactive contents, allowing to understand the historical significance of one of the greatest universal inventions. An overview will take half an hour, a very detailed study up to several hours. This site presents an overview on each page, and offers the possibility to deepen each subject by clicking on the following addresses indicated in green = more information, and/or in yellow, much more information.

By the way, what were the other great inventions ?

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The printing press and the Bible in 56 languages

Who are we ?

We are Christians desiring to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by spreading the gospel and the Bible, first book printed entirely by Gutenberg. We do not represent any denomination or religious sect looking for followers.

The contents of this site is free to use for free educational purposes, its distribution is therefore strongly encouraged ! Only certain documents are copyrighted and must be respected !

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